Edit jobs beautifully

Use the Smart Editor to write job descriptions that candidates will find and love.

Guidance for (almost) everything

Improve your pipeline with guidance that’s proven to increase the diversity and quality of your candidate pools.

Use the correct title

Increase the number of qualified applicants that will find your job by using a title that’s both searchable and understandable to your target candidates. Title guidance ensures that your job will be found by qualified job seekers when they look for jobs.

  • Stronger results from Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Google
  • Backed by candidates search behavior and trends
  • Calibrated for job seniority and requirements

Mind the confidence gap

Avoid requirement combinations that are likely to confuse or dissuade candidates when they find your job. TapRecruit skills guidance analyzes a job’s requirements to ensure everything listed will make sense to qualified job seekers.

  • Calibrate skills for local talent markets
  • Avoid over-qualifying jobs

Speak clearly

Use language that’s proven to make a good impression on job seekers. Our language guidance helps teams write jobs that avoid phrasing that signals poorly with candidates.

  • Avoid phrases known to deter female or minority candidates
  • Address the candidate in active voice
  • Remove confusing phrasing or corporate cliches
  • Exclude low-impact requirements known to deter qualified candidates

Never forget a thing

Avoid administrative mistakes that are known to make job descriptions underperform. Content guidance acts as a checklist to make sure everything is included before you post.

  • Never forget your Perks or EEOC language
  • Ensure both the title and description length are right for job boards
  • Check for common grammar mistakes

Predict the future

Our performance score predicts how well your job will perform with qualified job seekers. Jobs that score above an 85 have substantially more qualified and diverse candidate pools.

Save Time

Jobs that score 85+ fill 7 days faster than lower scoring jobs.

Better Applicants

Jobs that score 85+ receive twice as many qualified applicants.

Measure Everything

Optimize language signals that are known to improve time-to-fill.


See how your organization is performing and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Find which types of jobs or departments need the most attention
  • Track how many jobs are opened or closed

Write as a team

TapRecruit helps teams edit together. From automatic revisions to personalized sharing, every part of the Smart Editor is designed to reduce friction and promote collaboration.

Smart Salary estimates

Understand how skills, experience and education requirements will impact your hiring budgets with Smart Salary estimates that automatically adjusts as you write.

Ready. Set. Format.

Never lose style when working with our editor. Text formatting copies seamlessly into any ATS making it easy to configure and post your job.

Works with every ATS

'Like a Dropbox for your jobs,' TapRecruit automatically imports and organizes jobs from every ATS. Your organization will have a comprehensive, searchable database of your open and closed jobs without any configuration or setup.

Ready to edit?

See how data science can make job descriptions your competitive advantage.