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TapRecruit is the best way to write jobs. Our tools help hiring teams work together to create job descriptions that attract more qualified candidates.

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Built on data science

TapRecruit is built by scientists. Our products are powered by real candidate search, job and outcomes data.

Our Smart Engine

TapRecruit’s products are powered by the world’s most advanced natural language processing engine for career content. We use clean and structured data to ensure statistical integrity in everything we build.

  • 12,000,000+ jobs analyzed
  • 2,500,000+ verified salaries
  • 10,000+ characteristics created
  • 500+ categories defined
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Comprehensive salary estimates

Understand how skills, experience and education requirements will impact your hiring budgets with Smart Salary estimates that automatically adjusts as you write.

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Works with every ATS

'Like a Dropbox for your jobs,' TapRecruit automatically imports jobs from any ATS. Hiring teams know exactly where to start because their jobs are always organized and ready to edit.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe that every qualified candidate should feel welcome to apply. TapRecruit has been proven to help hiring teams write job descriptions that attract more diverse candidate pools.

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With advanced analytics, seamless user permissions, and single-sign-on, TapRecruit supercharges your Greenhouse experience without interrupting your workflow.

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