TalVista™ Alternative: TapRecruit is a Smart Editor for Jobs

TapRecruit has powerful features that make it easy for every hiring team to write winning job descriptions.
Screenshot of an open job in TapRecruit's Smart Editor with a job score and suggestions for content and language.

Hello! Are you looking for an alternative to TalVista™?

Great news! The TapRecruit Smart Editor is a feature-rich editor your team can use to write job descriptions. We thought an overview might be useful to help you make the best decision for you and your team.

Below, you’ll see the key features that make TapRecruit a compelling alternative to TalVista. We’ll also give you some insight into the Smart Editor’s collaboration features, text analysis, integration capabilities and results.

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TapRecruit is smart

Want to make a real impression on candidates every time they find your job descriptions? TapRecruit offers several kinds of guidance to ensure your JDs are always found and understood by qualified candidates. Here is a look at what to expect when using the Smart Editor:

Screenshot of job title guidance in TapRecruit's Smart Editor.

Job Titles: Guidance to make sure your job is always found. Increase the number of qualified applicants that will find your job by using a title that’s both searchable and understandable to your target candidates. Title guidance ensures that your job will be seen by qualified job seekers every time they search.

Screenshot of requirements section guidance in TapRecruit's Smart Editor.

Requirements: Avoid requirement combinations that are likely to confuse or dissuade candidates when they find your job. TapRecruit skills guidance analyzes a job’s requirements relative to the depth of the local talent market to ensure everything listed will make sense to qualified job seekers.

Screenshot of language guidance in TapRecruit's Smart Editor.

Language: Guidance to help you use language that’s proven to make a good impression on job seekers. Our language guidance helps teams write jobs that avoid phrasing that signals poorly with candidates.

Screenshot of content guidance in TapRecruit's Smart Editor.

Content: Avoid administrative mistakes that are known to make job descriptions underperform. Content guidance acts as a checklist to make sure everything is included before you post.

TapRecruit has lots of features

The Smart Editor will reinvent the way your team works together to write job descriptions. This means you will have powerful tools that reduce administrative friction and maximize your results. Here are a few of our favorites Smart Editor features:

Custom Templates: Want to help your organization speak as one? Templates allow you to create consistent, editable branding and deploy it by department, team or even job type. Ensure that critical parts of your job descriptions are always on brand by setting defaults for sections like perks and diversity information and automatically drop them into any template. With our smart template builder, it easy to manage job content across your entire organization.

Smart Salary Estimates: Understand how skills, experience and education requirements will impact your hiring budgets with Smart Salary estimates that automatically adjust as you write.

Automatic Job Classification: TapRecruit automatically understands if your job is a software engineering role, or a marketing role and tailors your experience accordingly. This allows recruiting teams to easily track job performance by department or job type.

‘Dropbox’ for Your Jobs: TapRecruit automatically imports jobs from any ATS. Hiring teams know exactly where to start because their jobs are always organized and ready to edit. Automatic job import requires zero configuration or IT assistance.

Screenshot of style and language guidance in TapRecruit's Smart Editor.

TapRecruit gets real results

Want a more qualified and diverse candidate pool? TapRecruit customers who improve their job’s score to 85+ see dramatic improvements to every part of their pipeline. This is because jobs that score 85+ are correctly titled, calibrated and avoid language known to make a bad impression.

Our customers fill jobs an average of 7 days faster and see 2x more qualified and female candidates.

We hope this brief overview of why TapRecruit is the best alternative to TalVista was helpful.

You and your team can Try TapRecruit for free and see for yourself how comprehensive guidance for job descriptions can help get you more qualified candidates.

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