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Understand how skills, experience and education requirements impact your hiring budget. Smart Salary estimates automatically adjust as you write and edit your job description.

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We analyze your job’s requirements to create meaningful salary estimates that are based on more than just title and location.

See how individual skills like “python” or “java” impact your salary estimate.

Calculate how much it will cost to ask for a few more years of experience.

Understand how advanced degrees or certifications increase market rates.

See how skills, experience and education requirements adjust for local markets.

Smart salary estimates for job descriptions
estimate your jobs local market salary

Built into the job description editor

Your job's market salary is automatically calculated as you write and edit your job description. This means that as your team adjusts and finalizes your job, the salary estimate displayed will always reflect the listed skills and education requirements.

Salaries are always localized

Because the cost of living can change city by city, TapRecruit automatically calculates salary estimates based on location for which you'll be hiring.

Millions of verified salaries

We've worked hard to ensure that the information we use to estimate salaries is verified by real employers. To date, TapRecruit has verified over 2,500,000 salaries.

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