Clarity for every candidate

Promote an inclusive hiring process by ensuring candidates from every background can find and understand your job descriptions.

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TapRecruit Smart Editor for job descriptions

Guidance to write clearer job descriptions

Clear job descriptions empower both your company and candidates to find the right fit. TapRecruit is the only augmented writing platform that ensures clarity in job descriptions by addressing content as well as language.

Always use the right title

Ensure candidates can find and understand your job. Job descriptions serve an external role in recruiting, and the titles you use can make or break them. TapRecruit’s guidance helps you write clear, uninflated job titles that match job board searches and help candidates gauge whether they qualify.

  • Improve findability on Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Google
  • Backed by candidates search behavior and trends
  • Calibrated for both job seniority and requirements
Ensure your job has the right title for your local talent market

Mind the confidence gap

Ensure all qualified candidates feel welcome to apply. Long bulleted lists, abstract soft skills, overinflated or underinflated requirements, and unreasonable groupings of requirements can confuse job seekers and deter them from applying. TapRecruit guides you through one of the most challenging aspects of job descriptions: the requirements.

  • Remove ambiguous soft skills
  • Calibrate measurable skills for local talent markets
  • Avoid accidental overqualification
ensure yourt jobs requirements are clear and easy to understand

Speak clearly to candidates

Ensure everyone can understand your job descriptions. Internal jargon, wordiness, 10-dollar words, awkward phrasing, third-person addresses, and passive voice can all confuse job seekers. TapRecruit’s language guidance helps you speak clearly and directly to all candidates, no matter their race, gender or background.

  • Address candidates in active voice
  • Remove confusing phrasing or corporate cliches
  • Reduce wordiness and length
Improve the clarity of your job descriptions

Never forget a thing

Avoid administrative mistakes that are known to make job descriptions underperform. Content guidance acts as a checklist to make sure everything is included before you post.

  • Never forget your Perks or EEOC language
  • Ensure both the title and description length are right for job boards
  • Check for common grammar mistakes
Content analysis and suggestions for job descriptions
TapRecruit results in a more fair and effective hiring process

Solve your unique challenges

TapRecruit has helped some of the world's most trusted brands identify, understand, and solve their unique recruiting challenges.

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taprecruit predictive performance score for job descriptions

Predict the future

Our performance score uses data science to predict how well your job will perform with qualified job seekers. Jobs that score above an 85 attract substantially more qualified and diverse candidate pools.

Save Time

Jobs that score 85+ fill 7 days faster than lower scoring jobs.

Time-to-fill for jobs edited with TapRecruit fill 7 days faster

Better Applicants

Jobs that score 85+ receive twice as many qualified applicants.

TapRecruit customers receive twice as many qualified candidates

Measure Everything

Optimize language signals that are known to improve time-to-fill.

TapRecruit semantic language analysis helps your jobs will faster

Discover your talent pipeline

TapRecruit includes thoughtful analytics dashboards to help you diagnose quality and diversity issues in your talent pipelines.

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TapRecruit Analytics Dashboards built for hiring teams

Smart Salary estimates

Multifaceted salary estimates go beyond a job’s title and location to predict how skills, requirements, and experience are valued in your talent market.

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Far more than gendered language

Create an inclusive process by avoiding biases such as Racism, Tokenism, Ableism, Ageism, Nationalism, Elitism, and Religion bias.

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Analytics for recruiting teams

TapRecruit’s Smart Analytics suite helps you quickly diagnose and fix issues with your inbound recruiting efforts. After all, you are what you measure.

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Magic job links

Magic links make it easy to collaborate with anyone on your team. Simply create a link and share it to dynamically track anyone's revisions. No login required.

Advanced job templates

TapRecruit's robust templating features help your team create consistent, yet bespoke, job descriptions that speak directly to your target candidates.

TapRecruit works with every major ATS.

TapRecruit supports Workday customers
TapRecruit supports Avature ATS customers
TapRecruit supports Clear Company customers
TapRecruit supports Gr8 People customers
TapRecruit supports Greenhouse customers
TapRecruit supports iCims customers
TapRecruit supports Jazz HR customers
TapRecruit supports Jobvite customers
TapRecruit supports Kenexa Brassring customers
TapRecruit supports Lever customers
TapRecruit supports Recruitee customers
TapRecruit supports Recruiter Box customers
TapRecruit supports Smart Recruiters customers
TapRecruit supports Taleo customers
TapRecruit supports Workable customers

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