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TapRecruit Analytics Dashboards designed for hiring and recruting teams

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Thoughtful analytics dashboards to help you diagnose quality and diversity issues in your talent pipelines.

Job Performance Report

The Job Performance Report is a birds-eye view of your organization's jobs. You can filter by date, department, kind, and job seniority to run weekly or monthly performance reports or identify any recruitment issues your jobs may be experiencing.

Analytics Dashboard to track how your jobs perform

Applicant Performance Report

Use the Applicant Performance Report to understand how your organization is attracting talent. Filterable by date, department, kind, and source, the APR gives you a detailed view of how candidates from different sources perform in your hiring funnel.

Analytics Dashboard to understand how candidates and sources perform in your applicant funnel

Language: Semantic Analysis

The TapRecruit Semantic Language Report is a detailed overview of the types of language used most often in your open job descriptions. See which semantic phrasing your team is currently using and investigate its impact on your candidate pool diversity and quality.

Analytics Dashboard to understand how the language in your job descriptions impacts candidates

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