TapRecruit Helps Greenhouse Customers Write Inclusive Job Descriptions

TapRecruit offers a complete integration for Greenhouse customers. Connect the two platforms to unlock recruitment analytics, user management, and one-click job sync.

Are you a Greenhouse customer who’s curious about the impact that job descriptions can have on your candidate pipeline? If so, TapRecruit offers the only fully integrated job description editor on the market. With TapRecruit, you can write job descriptions that attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools. You can also connect it to Greenhouse for seamless workflow integration.

Work Better as a Team

TapRecruit is lighter than an ATS and more collaborative than Google Docs. It helps teams on Greenhouse work together and, therefore, write data-driven job descriptions. In fact, the Smart Editor thoughtfully imports and organizes your jobs so they’re always ready to edit and publish.

One-click Job Sync: When your team is finished writing, you can publish your finished job to Greenhouse in just one click.

Job Permissions: Meanwhile, TapRecruit automatically honors the user and job permissions you configure in Greenhouse.

Automatic Revisions: TapRecruit also saves your drafts automatically, making it easy to find and then revert to previous versions.

Screenshot of TapRecruit's Pipeline Health Meter showing a benchmark assessment of each open job's inbound funnel.

Advanced Pipeline Reporting for Greenhouse

When you connect Greenhouse and TapRecruit, you’ll have access to a number of built-in reports including job pipeline and source-reports. Subsequently, you can easily understand which sources are driving your highest quality candidates. You can also filter the reports by departments and job seniority as well, so you can get a clear picture of what is and is not working. Here are two of our favorites as references:

Screenshot of TapRecruit’s Job Performance Report with Greenhouse integration and metrics like average job scores.

Job Performance Report: Filter by Date, Department, and Job Seniority to understand how your jobs are performing with qualified candidates.

Applicant Funnel Report: Also, see which recruiting sources have the most significant impact on your hiring pipeline. Searchable by Date, Department, and Job Seniority.

User Management and Single Sign-On (SSO)

TapRecruit automatically syncs users from Greenhouse, making it easy to manage your hiring teams. Also, TapRecruit and Greenhouse Single Sign-On makes it easy to deploy TapRecruit across your entire organization. Once logged in, users can view and edit the same jobs they can in Greenhouse. But only the same jobs.

Data Analysis for Greenhouse Customers

Pipeline Analysis

Are you curious about how your pipeline is performing? Or, would you like to understand your recruiting roadblocks better? If so, we offer Greenhouse customers a visual report for that. Our report helps you see key trends and, subsequently, identify opportunities for improving your hiring pipeline.

Department Health: Get a performance breakdown by departments and job types to identify critical areas for improvement.

Language and Content Impact: Also view a semantic language and content analysis to identify recurring issues that are known to impact job performance.

Source Performance: And analyze the effectiveness of your sourcing platforms.

Screenshot of a Pipeline Analysis designed specifically for companies integrating their Greenhouse ATS with TapRecruit.

TapRecruit knows that the best recruiting teams are powered by data. Because of this, we offer a free on-boarding analysis to Greenhouse customers.

Gender Analysis

Want to understand how your hiring pipeline impacts gender diversity? If you do, we offer Greenhouse customers a visual report for that. Our report helps you understand key trends that impact gender diversity in your hiring funnel.

Deep Diagnostics: Understand specific attributes about your talent pipeline that decrease or improve your chances of hiring a female candidate.

Sourcing Insights: Also, understand how your sourcing channels impact the gender diversity of your candidate funnel.

Screenshot of a Gender Analysis designed specifically for companies integrating their Greenhouse ATS with TapRecruit.

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