Free Series: How to Write Job Descriptions Candidates Will Love

Does your team need a refresher on how to write impactful job descriptions? Take this free series to learn how to write job descriptions that candidates can find and love.

The best way to improve your hiring outcomes (at every stage of your pipeline) is to always consider the candidate experience. This free 10-part series is packed with tips and examples on how to fill your jobs faster with simple changes to your job descriptions. All in less than 10 minutes a day.

What you will learn:

  • Why candidate first thinking gets you better candidates, faster
  • How to improve the diversity of your candidate pool
  • Why small mistakes can have a big impact on candidate quality
  • How to correctly title a job post so candidates can find it

This email course consists of 10 lessons complete with links, examples, and data. Everything we discuss is based on our study of over 14 million jobs and their outcomes.

Here is a quick preview of Lesson #2 from the course

New to TapRecruit? Our Smart Editor uses the performance data from over 14 million job descriptions to identify opportunities and errors in job content. Our performance engines regularly evaluate the search behavior of real candidates and deliver insights on how to write the perfect job description. TapRecruit is free to try.