TapRecruit: Features
Improve your hiring
outcomes with the most
advanced Smart Editor on
the market

Predict a Job’s Performance

Our predictive score uses the performance data from over 7 million job descriptions to accurately predict if a job will be found and understood by qualified candidates. Jobs that score 85+ outperform in candidate quality, diversity and time-to-fill.

Smart Guidance

More than just a little magic. Our inline guidance is automatically calibrated to a job’s requirements and is continually updated to help you make a meaningful impression with all qualified candidates.

Candidate Forecasting

Mind the confidence gap. We compare a job’s education, experience and skills requirements against local jobs markets to help your team confidently calibrate required and preferred skills.

Measure Language

How you speak to candidates really matters. Use the tone and language meters to write welcoming and inclusive content that avoids language known to impact candidate pool size and diversity.

Collaborative Editing

Work better as a team. Our collaboration tools such as revision history and company templates make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to work together and write winning JDs.

Automated Workflow

An automated Dropbox for your job descriptions. TapRecruit automatically imports and organizes jobs as they are posted (or removed) from your organization’s job board. Compatible with every ATS.