How Celmatix Uses TapRecruit To Reduce Costs and Attract 65% More Applicants

Celmatix is a next-generation women’s health company. They use data and also genetic insights to give women better and more personalized information about their reproductive health. As a result, Celmatix is helping women understand what is right for their own biology and goals. And also helping them make informed fertility decisions.

Celmatix logo.
Employees:Approx. 100

Celmatix has developed two proprietary products. Firstly, the Fertilome test, is the world’s original multigene panel test to reveal how women’s DNA may impact reproductive health. Secondly, Polaris is a real-time predictive analytics platform in use at leading fertility clinics across the country. Polaris is currently helping physicians optimize patient outcomes and, subsequently, improve the patient experience.

Celmatix has quickly become a flagship in New York’s emerging biotech industry. In fact, they’ve raised nearly $60 million since their founding in 2009. They’ve also grown their NYC headquarters to over 100 highly-skilled team members including scientists, engineers, and researchers.


One of the things Celmatix values most is the process of scientific experimentation. Therefore, when VP of People Janna Biagio set out to design a talent acquisition strategy, she had support to rethink the entire recruiting process. As a result, she was able to design a bespoke hiring experience designed around a few key hypotheses.

You can keep overhead low
Supporting a high-growth organization shouldn’t require a large team of recruiters.

You can also avoid expensive sourcing channels
Get robust candidate pools while also avoiding LinkedIn subscription costs and sourcing fees.

You can treat every candidate fairly
Every candidate can get a fair, accurate, and also quick assessment when they apply.

And you can empower your hiring teams
Also let every person in your hiring team (directors, hiring managers, interviewers) play a significant role in the process.


Anticipating rapid growth of the organization in Q2 2017, Janna made the bold decision to keep her team structure lean. In fact, the only position she added was a Manager of People & Recruiting to help support recruiting efforts. This subsequently enabled her to engage the broader team in the recruiting process. Because not everyone was a hiring veteran, however, Janna knew it was important to equip her teams with the right tools and data. She chose the TapRecruit Smart Editor as the place where every new hire begins.

Celmatix uses data to make decisions

Celmatix was eager to apply data to their recruiting process. Indeed, they chose TapRecruit because it could help them make data-driven decisions about job titles, semantic phrasing, and even requirements. Since then, the Celmatix team has never had to guess on what works best for candidates. Because they’ve seen robust and qualified candidate pipelines every time they’ve posted a job.

Jobs Filled:40
Avg. Time-to-fill:30 Days
Avg. # Applicants92
Organic Applicants96%

When Celmatix’s jobs have a TapRecruit score of 85+, they get 65% more applicants, while 30% more candidates make it past resume review.

Celmatix’s hiring teams work together

Supporting a growing organization with a one-person recruiting team means engaging hiring managers. Celmatix’s recruiter and hiring managers now work together in TapRecruit to define and also edit job descriptions as a team. With Greenhouse integration, TapRecruit makes it easy for Celmatix to manage users, post jobs, and also review job performance analytics.

TapRecruit Users:13
Jobs Written:40
Job Revisions:2,700
Average Score80

How do Celmatix’s hiring managers use TapRecruit?

Every hiring manager at Celmatix uses TapRecruit to draft initial requirements and define the new job. Afterward, they use the Smart Editor to add perks and diversity language and post it back to Greenhouse. In other words, no Google Docs or endless email chains.

“TapRecruit has been a critical part of hiring and talent management at Celmatix. We love how easy it is to use and also how it fosters collaboration and data-driven hiring.” – Janna Biagio, Vice President of People

Celmatix doesn’t pay to post jobs

Celmatix learned early on that they could save money with well-written job descriptions and correct titles. They could, in fact, avoid expensive pay-to-post or pay-to-promote job boards altogether. Currently, 96% of all candidates who apply to Celmatix come through an organic and free job board. As well as 78% of their hires. Meanwhile, zero dollars spent.

Avg. Time-to-fill:30 Days
Indeed Costs:$0.00
LinkedIn Costs:$0.00
ZipRecruiter Costs$0.00

Celmatix wins on talent

With the help of the TapRecruit Smart Editor, Celmatix has streamlined their recruiting process while also outperforming every one of its New York peers. They’ve seen cost savings, more candidates and also higher quality candidate pools. Additionally, Celmatix’s jobs are often live for only 30 days. That’s a 60-day improvement when compared to other NY HealthTech companies.

Bar graph showing a time-to-fill comparison between Celmatix after using TapRecruit and a competitor.

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